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After completing Fairy Tale Part II up to the point were you are given access and instructions to the Fairy Ring network you can use the ring codes below.

[A] [I] [Q]
Mudskipper Point. Very south of Port Sarim and Rimmington. Uses: Mogre hunting, Skeletal Wyvern dungeon, Smithing Achievement cape provider.
[A] [L] [S]
McGrubor's Wood. Uses: Remote maple forest, Coal trucks, Hemmenster, Ranging Guild, Seer's Village, trapped penguin spy occasionally.
[A] [L] [R]
Non-prayer draining abyssal plane. Uses: All abyssal monsters appear here, along with the talismans, charms, essence, and abyssal whips that they drop.
[A] [K] [S]
Feldip Hills southern edge. Uses: Gnome glider point near, jungle hunting (kyatts, red chinchompas, black worlock, tropical wagtails, barb-tailed kebbits) Chompy/Jubbly hunting, Oo'glug and Mobilising Armies to the south.
[A] [K] [Q]
Piscatoris Fishing Colony north of Eagle's Peak. Uses: Forest/Falconry Hunting (chinchompas, Ruby Harvest, wild kebbits), Phoenix lair, monkfishing in the colony.
[A] [J] [R]
Fremennik Slayer Cave entrance. Uses: Nearest ring to a magic teleport point (using slayer ring), Slayer cave, Southeastern Fremmenick plains, Trollheim back entrance (needing climbing boots).
[A] [J] [Q]
Dorgesh Kaan slayer cave. Uses: Slayer cave, Kalphite cave access, Dorgeshuun Agility course.
[D] [I] [S]
Draynor Wizard Tower. Uses: West Lumbridge, Draynor, Great Orb Project. Occasional Evil Tree and Circus stop.
[D] [I] [R]
Cloud Bank plane. Uses: Here be Goraks and cloud traps.
[D] [L] [S]
Cave near Myreque original hideout tunnel, under Mort Myre, Morytania. Uses: Canifis, East Mort Myre, boat to Mort'on, swamp lizard hunting, passage to blood altar under Mierditch.
[D] [L] [Q]
East Desert. Uses: Uzer, North of Nardah, desert hunting (desert devils, _ salamanders, ), Uzer falling star, desert slayer tasks (desert lizards and jackals).
[D] [K] [P]
East Karamja, near north shore and Shaikahan. Uses: north of shipyards and gnome glider, Karambwan fishing, jogres.
[D] [K] [S]
The foot of the Trollweiss Mountain overlooking Keldagrim entrance. Uses: Keldagrim, seaweed and rock crabs, Plains falling star, polar hunting (kyatt, polar kebbit, sabertoothed kebbit, cerulean twitch, ).
[D] [K] [R]
Between Edgeville and the Grand Exchange. Uses: Edgeville, entry to wild near Abyss RC Zamorak Mage and south of Stealing Creation, Grand Exchange agility shortcut.
[D] [J] [P]
Near the Tower of Life and the Necromancer Tower, southeast of Ardounge. Uses: Near Ardougne southeast bank, Witchhaven, Port Khazard.
[D] [J] [R]
Northwest of Sinclair Mansion. Uses: Agility shortcut to the southern Fremennick plains, Camelot and Seer's Village
[C] [I] [P]
Miscellania. Uses: Accessing Kingdom, occasional fallen star, berry bush patch.
[C] [I] [Q]
South of the Tree Gnome Village and north of the west Yanille gate. Uses: Yanille player house portal, Tree gnome village and fruit tree patch, Gu Tannoth and Castle Wars.
[C] [L] [S]
Gnome mage Hazelmere's house (from Grand Tree Quest). Uses: East Yanille and Port Khazard.
[C] [K] [P]
Higher Planes. Contains the Star Flower respawn. Use: Star flowers for magical essence potions.
[C] [K] [S]
West of Canifis near Mort Myre swamp gate. Uses: Slayer tower, Canifis, north edge of Mort Myre swamp.
[C] [K] [R]
Southwest Karamja, near graak range. Uses: Jungle Hunter (graak), northwest of Shilo Village, karambwanji fishing spot, nature runecrafting temple, occasional evil trees and fallen stars, south of Tai Bwo Wannai.
[C] [J] [R]
Northwest of Sinclair Mansion near the river. Uses: Similar to east Sinclair ring but further from it all.
[B] [I] [S]
Ardougne Zoo in a cage with 2 unicorns. Use: Unicorn horns
[B] [I] [Q]
West Desert, east of Kalphite Lair, near Bedawin and Shantay Pass. Uses: Western desert access, Kalphite hive (must bring rope).
[B] [L] [P]
TzHaar under Brimhaven. Uses: TzHaar minigames, Musa Point volcano
[B] [L] [Q]
Goblin homeland, only used in the Land of the Goblins quest.
[B] [L] [R]
Legends Guild. Uses: Charging combat bracelets and skills necklaces, evil tree sprout location, legends bank.
[B] [K] [P]
Chompy hunting swamp south of Castle Wars, Feldip Hills 2. Uses: Evil tree location nearby, chompy hunting and castle wars.
[B] [K] [R]
Mort Myre Swamp south of Canifis. Uses: North central mort myre (for penguin hunting), collecting mushrooms.
[B] [K] [Q]
Eternal Forest with Centaurs, rabbits, and tree spirits. No known uses.
[B] [J] [R]
Fisher King's Realm from the Holy Grail quest. Uses: Using whistle, hop to northwest Karamja, the gold mine there and near Brimhaven and the slayer dungeon.

The following sites are vacant isles. Some are used in the Fairy Tale Part II quest.
[A] [I] [R]
Deserted island (East of the Necromancer tower).
[A] [J] [S]
Penguin isle (north of Miscellania).
[D] [L] [R]
Isle in Isafdar Poison Waste (deserted).
[C] [L] [P]
Island northeast of the Wizards Tower (deserted).
[B] [I] [P]
Island in the River Salve (deserted).

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