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Sites are grouped by estimated location. You can hover over small maps for a closer view. Don't forget your pick! A Lunar/Dramen staff and run-and-energy enhancement are good ideas to carry along too. (Spotty capes, penance gloves, boots of lightness, energy pots, Spirit Terrorbird with scrolls, Oo\'glug salty pool.)

How can you find stars?
Stars can be spotted ahead of their arrival by using a telescope in the Study of a Player Owned House. You can use yours or someone else's and anyone can read any level of scope at that scope's accuracy.
What are the telescope accuracies and the associated levels?
Better telescopes give tighter windows for the time that the star hits.
ScopeConstruction LevelWindow Accuracy
Oak4430 minutes
Teak6410 minutes
Mahogany842 minutes
How do stars appear?
Stars arrive at random times in a random location for each world. Across all worlds, all of the stars land in a 20 minute time range. The star to star interval in a world is about 2 hours.

Immediately following a star fall, a telescope will show nothing (your character makes a random comment). Within a about 10 minutes, the next star to land in the world will show up in the telescope. At the site where the star lands, it will appear with a whistling noise and a shadow moving from the east, west to the site. On landing, it will break into a random level, 1 to 9. When the star has been mined down, the sprite inside the star will be revealed. The sprite now hangs out for about 10 minutes and once its time is up, it will simply disappear. If the star is not mined completely before the next star arrives, it will also disappear.
What are these levels? Why can't I mine the star?
Stars fracture into a random level when they crash. Only higher level miners can break the highest level stars. Even so, as a star is mined, it will drop through the levels until it cracks open when level 1 has been mined down. Anyone of at least 10 mining can mine part of any star as long as they can get to it and higher levels are there to break it down to their level. There is also a greater likelihood of gems being mined from the higher levels of a star.
Star LevelMining Level RequiredExperience per UnitUnits per LevelExperience per LevelUnits in StarExperience in Star
What is this star dust? What do I do with it?
Star dust is what you mine from the star. Its only use in the game is to turn in to the sprite at any star. For turning in the dust you get a proportional amount of Cosmic runes, Astral runes, Gold ore notes and Gold coins.

Talk to the sprite at any cracked open star to trade in your dust. You only get to turn in dust one time in a day, even if you only turn in 1 dust! Days renew at about midnight UTC+0 (aka. GMT or Zulu) within server update tolerance.

The maximum amount of dust that you can have is 200, and that is the total on your character and in the bank. You can mine stars without restriction and still get experience for mining dust at the stars current level.

If you die while carrying dust, it is not an item left on the ground to pick up.

Star dust is untradeable and has no value except what you can trade it for at a star.

The maximum amounts of the reward for turning in 200 dust are 50,002 GP, 152 Cosmics, 52 Astrals and 20 Gold ore notes.
Are there other rewards? What's this tagging first? What is the mining bonus after turning in dust?
Besides the rewards from trading in dust and the relatively fast mining experience for mining the star, there are 2 more rewards that are possible.

If you are the first person to touch (not necessarily to mine) a star, you get a tag bonus of mining experience that is your level in mining times 75. For example, if you just reached 10 mining and happened to tag a star for the first time that you could mine it, your tag bonus would be 750 mining experience. On the other hand, a 99 mining level player can tag a star first for 7425 experience.

The other reward for turning in your dust is the mining bonus. For turning in 200 dust, for 15 minutes afterward you can mine any ore and have about a 10% chance to recover an extra ore. With a Varrock plate mining bonus, it is possible to mine 3 ores at a time from 1 rock. It has also been noted that this mining bonus can score double ores from a runite rock.
First line: Group:Quick name (response time) Quick name is suggested for call outs in CC and Private communications. Response times are very subjective and based on most forms of transport being available. See last lines.

Second line: Location or site, description.

Remaining lines: Means of reaching location, any FR notes refer to Fairy Rings.
Region Pin Map
Misthalin Asgarnia Kandarin Karamja or Crandor Morytania or Mos Le'Harmless Piscatoris, Gnome Stronghold or Lletya Fremennik Lands or Lunar Isle Kharidian Desert Wilderness

Misthalin Star Map
Lumbridge teleport Varrock teleport Combat Bracelet (charged)

Mis:Aubrey (average)

Northeast of Aubrey's rune shop and southeast of Varrock's East Bank.

Varrock Teleport/Tab, head east and south

[Group] [Top]

Mis:Champ (fast)

West Varrock mine, northwest of the Champions Guild.

  • Combat Bracelet Champions Guild Teleport, west of guild.
  • Canoe to champions guild, north west from shore.
  • Varrock teleport to south city exit then head west to mine.

[Group] [Top]

Mis:LumbyE (average-slow)

East Lumbridge swamp mine.

  • Lumbridge Teleport/Tab, south of the church graveyard
  • From any ring, access Zanaris, run to Swamp shack exit ring, then southeast to mine there.

[Group] [Top]

Mis:VarrE (average)

East Varrock mine, east of the sheep farm.

  • Combat Bracelet Champions Guild Teleport, head east to that mine.
  • Varrock Teleport/Tab, southeast of city walls
  • Ancients Senntisten (dig site) teleport west thru fence, then northwest to mine
  • Duel ring to Arena, run west and north past scorpion mine to Varrock east.

[Group] [Top]

Asgarnia Star Map
Falador teleport Skills necklace (charged) Brown apron

Asg:FallyW (average)

The Mine West of Falador

  • Falador Teleport, hop the west Falador wall
  • Mage Guild Dark Wizard tower teleport, north to the mine.

[Group] [Top]

Asg:Rimmy (average)

Rimmington Mine

  • Skills Necklace Crafting Guild Teleport, head southeast to mine.
  • Rimmy POH teleport, head just east and north.
  • Explorers ring Cabbage port, south and run west.

[Group] [Top]

Asg:Craft (fast)

Crafting Guild Mine (must have brown apron and 40 Crafting to enter guild)

  • Skills Necklace Crafting Guild Teleport, enter crafting guild.
  • Rimmy POH teleport, head north to the guild.
  • Magic guild Dark Wizard tower teleport, south thru gate and to guild.

[Group] [Top]

Asg:Mine (fast)

North of Mining Guild

  • Skills Necklace Mining Guild Teleport, northwest of guild.
  • Falador teleport, east and south of east Falador bank.

[Group] [Top]

Kandarin Star Map
Ardougne teleport Skills necklace (charged) or Games necklace Watchtower teleport or Yanille POH teleport


Coal Trucks Mine (slow)

  • Games Necklace Barbarian Outpost teleport, south and east.
  • Skills Necklace Fishing Guild teleport, west and north.
  • Combat bracelet Range guild teleport, west over agility log.
  • FR: McGruber's Wood's ALS makes for a long walk out of wood and round, over agility log to west.

[Group] [Top]

Kan:Yanny (average)

Between Magic Guild and Bank of Yanille

  • Watchtower teleport, around city wall or under agility gap, then to bank front. 
  • Yanille POH house teleport, east to bank/guild walkway.
  • FR: CIQ a fair long walk south then thru gate and east.
  • FR: CLS over bridges and into city to west.

[Group] [Top]

Kan:Monk (average-slow)

Mine South of East Ardougne very near and just north of Monastery

  • Ardougne teleport, south past bank and southwest to monastery.
  • Spirit tree to battlefield, south past clock tower and east to mines.
  • FR: DJP Tower of Life then head west to mines.
  • Lunar Khazard teleport, run to north side of monastery and mines there.

[Group] [Top]

Kan:Legend (average)

West Ardougne Mine on route to Legends Guild, with Grizzly bears

  • Ardougne teleport, east exit and north following road.
  • FR:BLR and head a short distance west.

[Group] [Top]

Kan:Khaz (average)

Port Khazard Mine North of East Yanille

  • Lunar Khazard teleport, out to the mines southwest of the port.
  • Watchtower teleport, head to the mines by the sea.
  • Yanille POH house teleport, east toward sea and a bit north.

[Group] [Top]

Karamja-Crandor Star Map
Glory Amulet (charged) Karamja Gloves 3 money for Cart Nature altar tab Slayer Ring Fisher King Whistle Lunar/Dramen Staff

Kar:Crand (slow)

South-West Crandor Mine, Quest Requirement Dragon slayer quest completed at least to trip to Crandor.

Glory Amulet Karamja teleport, enter Musa Point volcano cave, through secret wall and Elvarg's Lair, climb rope and move to southeast mithril mine.

[Group] [Top]

Kar:Brim (slow)

Mine by Brimhaven Dungeon Entrance

  • From Brimhaven port via Ardougne ferry or charter boat, jog west then strike south until just past dungeon.
  • Karamja 3 gloves Shilo teleport and cart trip, heading west then south to sea side of slayer dungeon.
  • Brimhaven POH teleport, southwest to the mine near the dungeon.

[Group] [Top]

Kar:Nat (fast)

Nature Altar Mine

  • Nature altar teleport tab, head northwest to mine. 
  • FR:CKR and head to the northeast a bit of a walk.
  • Spirit Graak teleport, then east and north to mine.

[Group] [Top]

Kar:Shilo (fast)

Shilo Village Gem Mine, Quest Requirement completed Shilo village quest.

  • Karamja 3 Gloves Shilo teleport and up ladder. 
  • Cart trip from Brimhaven Port, and head north over river to gem mine.

[Group] [Top]

Kar:Hshoe (slow)

Mine North-West of Brimhaven

  • From Brimhaven port via Ardougne ferry or charter boat, jog south then west onto peninsula near horseshoe shaped gold mine.
  • Karamja 3 gloves Shilo teleport and cart trip, heading west until turning northeast onto peninsula.
  • Brimhaven POH teleport, head northwest to peninsula jogging back northeast by shore.

[Group] [Top]

Morytania-Mos Le Harmless Star Map
Ectophial Kharryl teleport Trouble Brewing Rum Druid Pouches* Blessed silver sickle* or Flail of Ivandis*
* Protection in swamp, these are not necessary equipment.

Mry:Canif (fast)

Outside Canifis Bank (Quest Requirement requires Priest in Peril completed)

  • Ancients Kharryl teleport just northeast, northwest of bank
  • FR: CKS and east the bank in town
  • Ectophial then west to Canifis and its bank

[Group] [Top]

Mry:Burgh (Slow)

Outside Burgh De Rott Bank (Quest Requirement Requires In Aid of Myreque started)

Closest approach, Mort'on Boat from Myreque shortcut passage

[Group] [Top]

Mry:Mosle (slow)

South Of Mos Le'Harmless Bank (Quest Requirement requires Cabin Fever completed)

  • Bill Teach's ship from Port Phasmatys, north of dock
  • Charter ship, then northeast of dock

[Group] [Top]

Piscatoris-Stronghold-Lletya Star Map
Varrock Teleport Small Elf Crystal (charged) Lunar/Dramen Staff Slayer Ring Spirit Kyatt

PGL:Pisca (slow)

Mine Just South of Piscatoris Fishing Colony

  • Spirit Kyatt teleport, north then east
  • FR:AKQ, just to the east

[Group] [Top]

PGL:Gnome (slow)

Gnome Stronghold

  • Just West of Stronghold Spirit tree
  • Glider to Grand tree, south and west from tree
  • Games necklace, agility shortcut to Grand tree then south and west

[Group] [Top]

PGL:Lletya (fast)

Lletya (Quest Requirement requires Mourning's Ends completed to Teleported to Lletya)

Elf crystal teleport, a few steps south

[Group] [Top]

Fremennick Star Map
Lyre (enchanted) Slayer ring Seal of Passage Astral altar tab Food, Prayer, Armor (Neitiznot or Lunar)

Frm:Fremmy (fast)

The Mine in Rellekka (Quest Requirement requires Fremennick Trials completed)

  • Lyre Fremennik teleport, north to mine and inside fence.
  • Fremennick POH teleport, north and thru gate to mine.

[Group] [Top]

Frm:King (average)

The Mine on Miscellania (Quest Requirement requires Fairy Tale 2 started to Fairy Ring Access or Fremenick Trials completed)

  • FR:CIP and east to mine.
  • Northwest from Miscellanian port (from Fremennik docks), to mine.

[Group] [Top]

Frm:Lunar (fast to slow)

Entrance to Lunar Isle Mine (Quest Requirement requires Lunar Diplomacy started up to Arriving at Moonclan Isle)

  • Lunar Home teleport or Home group teleport then northeast near mine
  • Lunar altar tab (with Seal), west and north to town, northeast near mine cave ladder
  • Using Seal of Passage travel from Fremennik docks, head north and east on isle to essence mine. 

Suqah are hostile here.

[Group] [Top]

Frm:Neitz (slow)

South of the Rune Rock on Neitiznot (Quest Requirement requires Fremennick Isles completed up to Spy Mission)

Neitiznot Ferry from north Fremennik docks, across a bridge to first isle and east. Ice Trolls hostile in this area.

[Group] [Top]

Frm:Jatz (slow)

Entrance to Mine on Jatizso (Quest Requirement requires Fremennick Isles started up to Reached Jatizso)

Jatizso Ferry from north Fremennik docks, into town and out west gate to northwest side of isle and mine entrance. 

[Group] [Top]

Frm:Keld (average-slow)

Mine South of Keldagrim

  • FR:DKS ring, west and south past Keldagrim entrance to mine.
  • Lyre Rellekka teleport heading northeast across plain to mine.
  • Fremennick POH teleport, then across plain as with lyre teleport.
  • Slayer Ring Fremennik Dungeon teleport, heading northwest to mine.

[Group] [Top]

Desert Star Map
Waterskins or Enchanted Water tiara Glory Amulet (charged) Duel Ring Camulet (charged) Pharaoh's Sceptre (charged) money for Carpet Ring of Charos (a)

Des:Quarry (average-fast)

Granite Quarry (deep desert water prepare)

  • Camulet teleport, exit Enakhra's Lament temple, then to the center of quarry 
  • west of Pharaoh's Scepter: Jaldrocht (Ancients) Pyramid teleport
  • Carpet Bedabin Camp, south thru bandit camp, jogging to east then west to quarry

[Group] [Top]

Des:Nardy (average)

Outside Nardah bank

  • Carpets to Nardah and southeast to bank front 
  • FR: DLQ and south a good walk, thru town to bank
  • Pharaoh's Scepter: Jaleustrophos (Agility) Pyramid ... leave, head north then strike out west

[Group] [Top]

Des:Uzer (slow)

Clay Mine North of Uzer (deep desert water prepare)

  • Carpets Uzer then run northwest to mine
  • FR:DLQ and north just by sea's edge

[Group] [Top]

Des:Vulture (average-fast)

Sophanem Vultures Mine (deep desert water prepare)

  • Pharaoh's Sceptre: Jaleustrophos (Agility) Pyramid teleport and northwest
  • Carpets Sophanem and northeast

[Group] [Top]

Des:Duel (fast)

Duel Arena, just west of Hospital

Duel Ring Duel Arena teleport, northeast past Arena wall almost thru Mage Training Guild gate

[Group] [Top]

Des:Kharid (average-fast)

Outside Al Kharid Bank

Glory Amulet Al Kharid teleport, out and around palace to front of bank

[Group] [Top]

Des:Scorp (average)

Scorpion Mine North of Al Kharid

Duel Ring Duel Arena teleport, east and north to mine

[Group] [Top]

Wilderness Star Map
Forinthry bracelet Food, prayer, armor (revenants) Slash weapon or knife axe (for waka canoe) Games necklace Glory Amulet (charged) Ardougne teleport Lava Titan

Wld:Zammy (average)

Mine Next to Zamorak Mage, level 7

Glory Amulet Edgeville teleport, north near Zamorak Mage. Revenants are very common here.

[Group] [Top]

Wld:Bounty (fast)

Bounty Hunter Bank (only safe Wilderness mining spot)

Game Necklace Bounty Hunter teleport, east to bank

[Group] [Top]

Wld:Mage (slow)

Outside Mage Arena Bank Ruin, level 56

Ardougne/Edgeville Wilderness switch cul-du-sac, west from exit, just north of mage arena. Revenants guard this area frequently.

[Group] [Top]

Wld:Hobgob (slow)

Hobgoblin Mine, south of Lava Maze entrance, level 35

  • Using wilderness teleporters.
  • Wandering around perimeter of Bounty Hunter having teleported there.
  • Waka canoe to wildy pond then west to mine.

south of the Lava Maze entrance.

[Group] [Top]

Wld:Skelly (slow)

Skeleton Mine Northwest of Edgeville, level 10

  • Goblin Village sphere teleport, leaving village and heading northeast 
  • Glory Amulet Edgeville teleport moving northwest.

[Group] [Top]

Wld:Rune (slow)

Rune Rocks at Lava Maze Edge, level 47

  • Lava Titan teleport
  • Lunar Frozen Plateau teleport, run east

Note mining map symbol, north of the Lava Maze from any available approach near the rune rocks there. Revenants are common here.

[Group] [Top]

Wld:Pirate (slow)

Pirates' Hideout Mine, level 53

Ardougne Wilderness switch cul-du-sac, west past mage arena to Pirate's Hideout mine. Revenants often found in area.

[Group] [Top]

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