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Ultima VII Part 2 Serpent Isle

   With the incident of the castle imprisonment surpassed, Lord British, the Avatar and their compatriots sought out clues in the old Fellowship places of power. They looked for any trace of a grander scheme that the Guardian had left to his Britannian minions.

   Most Fellowship outposts had been sacked after the order's disbanding. It was almost a certainty that no really useful information would be found in these places. Batlin would likely have been the only recipient of such damning evidence. And his dwelling in Britain was gone over with detail unsurpassed. It was not until the catacombs in the Mountain ranges of the Isle of the Avatar were more fitfully explored that Batlin's real dwelling and place of power were discovered. 

   Even with this watershed, the crumbs left behind were scarce and un-filling. Most of that which was discovered only served to confirm events and knowledge that had already come to light; including the blackrock entrapment of the castle. But there were valuable finds.

   Two items proved very enlightening. First, a map, it detailed the location of the Serpent Pillars. It spoke also of the gate the pillars marked, a doorway to a long lost land of danger, of despair. Second, wrapped in the map was a magic scroll. No spell did the parchment contain, but something else. 

   At the hands of Lord British, the secret was revealed. A message was released, the Guardian spoke as though to his minion groveling at his feet. At the Guardian's behest, Batlin was sent to the place beyond the pillars, known as the Serpent Isle. There, the duo would unleash a solution to gain the ultimate victory; and the final vengeance on the world of Britannia.

   With British's blessing and aid, and with all due speed, the Avatar, Iolo, Shamino and Dupre departed for the pillars. The goal was simple. Find and stop Batlin and in so doing stymie the Guardian again. 

   But something sinister was already in motion. Sicknesses in the animals, a dream madness sweeping the gargoyles, all unknowingly bound to that land once a sister to this one so long ago. While policing the criminal Batlin, you may have one choice to save all, by quelling the imbalance in the Serpent Isle.

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