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The Poor Players
An UltimaŽ Who's Who

   Herein is a comprehensive list of the cast of the Ultima games. Basically whether they are an NPC, a figure or an individual from some book or scroll there is a listing for them here.

Iolo [1]
While wandering any of the townes, one may often hear a minstrel strumming his lute and piping the common "Ho, eyoh, he hum!" Iolo is his name, all of their names in fact. They may have a bit of talent and a quick wit, but they are also fools with sticky fingers itching for a prize. It is best to watch your pockets and provisions in townes though a fair distance is the best countermeasure.

British [1 Lord of Sosaria/Britannia]

Gwino [1] For some unforeseen reason, the Lords of the realms set in the Era of Mondain had a curious requirement set on their jesters. Each and every one was referred to, if not by "fool," "jester" or "the jugging idiot over there," as ... Gwino.  After all, all the eight castles of the day could not conceivably employ the same individual, could they? Well, they are all thieves, if you let them get too close. They also have a pass-time of taunting visitors with the key that unlocks one of the castle cells. By the way, considering the name, what if any relationship could this person hold with one Gwenno, wife to Iolo the Bard.

Shamino [1]

White Dragon [1]

Black Dragon [1]

Julia [1]

Cassandra [1]

Marsha [1]

Donna [1]

Kristen [1]

Beth [1]

Lori [1]

Dianne [1]

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