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Links to Ultima Information

Paulon Dragon's Ultima Info ALL manner of information, home of Paulon's Ultima Game Play Frequently Asked Questions

Info FAQ

Kenn's Map Page Several game maps, but most important, U7 part 1 and 2, and Savage Empire


Xe Dragon's Aerie High Resolution Ultima Map Project home, the best scanned atlas source online.

ScanMaps Links

Basic Links

Origin FTP files: ftp://ftp.ea.com/pub/origin/

Origin WWW site: http:// www.origin.ea.com/

Ultima Dragons WWW page: http://www.udic.org/

UDIC FTP Site: ftp://ftp.udic.org/

Miscellaneous Local Mirrors

Paulon Dragon's Gameplay FAQ

Fortran Dragon's RGCUD FAQ

ChtHnt: Cheats and/or hints are included to Ultima games.

GenMaps: Generated Maps, usually made with a program from actual game data.

Prgm: The site has programs that are for the most part utilities to the games.

ScanMaps: Maps scanned from the cloth, paper, or books they came from, can include generated ones if scanned from a book containing them.

UpGrd: An upgrade site, where one may find Ultima add-ons and remakes to honor the source from which they came.